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    Ashanti, the African Champion

    My name is Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael and I’m very peculiar in many ways. Let me just mention one of my peculiarities. I come from a peculiar house or family line; The House of Solomon; that’s right; the House of Solomon (or so we believe). Let’s do some history. The original family line of King Solomon was cut short many decades, centuries ago but my recent ancestors developed some unique abilities that made us seem to be descendants of Solomon. My ancestry line; the one that began after the original one was cut short is called the Wehedato and each of us has peculiar skills and powers. The first of our kind, Ras Tenkamenin Woldemikael arrived and aided Ethiopia in many battles against invaders and savages; his goal was to unite all of Ethiopia. After he successfully achieved his goal, he began to rule as an Emperor in the Ethiopian Empire. When he died, his son succeeded the throne and his son’s son. Many generations came and went but one thing that remained in the family was a certain blessing. It was the blessing that a father gave to his best heir after his death. It was that blessing that made us the wedehato; the blessing of Ashanti.
    The Ashanti sound like the great Asante tribe in Ghana for sure; but we are much related too. Ras Tenkamenin, my ancestor was granted the blessing by the gods of the Asante tribe while he travelled Africa before uniting his Empire. The blessing goes like,

    “When I need aid,
    whenever I am afraid,
    when I am overcome by a raid,
    and it seems like I cannot evade;
    I’ll sing out this serenade
    I’ll Decree

    This blessing was passed down my family line till it finally reached my turn. I lived in a huge castle in 21st Century Ethiopia that was reserved for my family line. Ethiopia had long stopped using the monarchy so my father was a defense minister; a position reserved for my family in the New Ethiopia. My father was poisoned and killed two years ago and my uncle is currently holding the position in wait of when I’m ready to fill it.
    While he lay there dying, my father, Ras Makonnen Woldemikael Gudessa called me and passed me the family blessing then told me to flee the nation as soon as I could and not trust anyone. I fled before my father died and I came to Ghana as I was instructed. I was met by my mother Weyziro Yeshimebet Ali Abajifar at the airport and she took me with her to Cape Bay where my life officially began.
    My mother sought to begin a new life here in Ghana and all seemed to want to go well at first but it all changed when the blessing began to whisper itself in my head everytime. I forgot the blessing as I was told; but when I turned twenty (20), the blessing began to play in my mind. I felt the urge to say it. The urge grew stronger till once when I was alone at the seashore, I bellowed, “ASHANTI!”
    That was the changing point in my life. I had mentioned that word so many times but never had I said it with so much power and urge driving me. When I said it out, a massive amount of invisible energy blasted out of my body and bounced back into me; and when it ended, I was transformed into something I can’t humanly describe. My slim set form was immediately transformed into a very muscular and buffed-up form. My clothes changed into a fancy tight costume that brought out even my newly acquired six-pack; two beautiful golden chains were wrapped around my wrists as well. All the more, I had the air of a thirty-year old.
    More voices were moving through my mind but they were in an organized form and each time a voice spoke, it was related to something that I was currently thinking about. When I tried to think about what had happened to me, the voices in my mind spoke in unison and told me that I had been granted the blessing of the Woldemikael sonhood and heirhood. The voices said,

    I command the skies like the Eagles
    I have the power of the whole African Pride like the Lion
    I possess the reverential strength of the Elephant
    I am gifted with the lissome speed of the Impala
    Above all things, I am backed by the intelligence and wisdom of the ancestors.


    There were other abilities that I realized that I passively had; superhuman sight, smelling and hearing. I had achieved power and a very great amount of it. I knew at once that I had a duty to perform with it. I had to find about what happened to my father.
    I flew back to Ethiopia; this time, using my special powers; and there, I began my investigation. I found out that my uncle, Asfaw Wossen had wanted the family blessing but it was my father who received it. Out of jealousy, my uncle had ‘killed’ his brother. I found out that my father had endured the poison because of the Ashanti blessing; but my uncle had transformed him into a mindless creature that serves him.
    Asfaw had used my father’s wisdom of the ancestors to wake a race of inhuman creatures in Ghana in an attempt to take over Africa. The creatures were the defendants of the various ancient Asante tribes that had gone to sleep centuries ago after they were no more needed; but Asfaw had somehow woken them to serve him. Led by my father, the creatures set out to attack the E.C.O.W.A.S. headquarters in Nigeria.
    I was the only one with enough power to face them and when I did, I prevailed. My father could’ve defeated me but he was mindless so was the easiest to defeat. My uncle was able to rouse only four of the Asante tribes’ defendants and they were the ones that posed the greatest threat. It was up to me to stop them all alone. But like I said, I prevailed.
    My uncle received the justice he deserved and my father received a proper burial near the other Woldemikaels. The whole of Africa came to know me as many names but the media mostly referred to me as ASHANTI, THE FAVORITE SON OF AFRICA. In Ghana, the Asantes are also called the Akans so the Ghanaians mostly refer to me as AKAN, GHANA’S CHAMPION.
    Thus began my life as a costumed superhero. Since then, I’ve been protecting Cape Bay, Ghana and the rest of the whole continent from threats of many forms and many people trust me even more than the police.


    The character Ashanti or Akan was created by our own WMDBassPlayer (Lawrence Wilson) and he deserves the commendments for the creation of the Character

    Look out for very intriguing and captivating stories about ASHANTI, Africa’s Greatest Champion

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