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    Aschewelt or Ashworld is a cooperation work of me and The Atomic Punk. (The story is based like a manga or anime story ) I think this is reserved an own topic because i made more than 5 pictures wich 5 completly joins to this world. All of the stories wrote By the great “THE ATOMIC PUNK”

    So the Basic story of the world of Aschewelt

    Here is how I envision the rest. The main protagonists are Sibyl and her classmate David. Sibyl is psychic. David is a normal teenager. The two survive the fire that engulfs the earth. They seek answers to the cataclysmic event. They explore the new world that rises from the ashes. Appropriately called Aschewelt (“Ashworld”, which is also the title of the anime series).

    Aschewelt is populated by what might be considered demons, mutants, or aliens bent on destroying the human survivors. Haven’t decided on any specific term or species. Nonetheless, these are powerful beings with abilities and themes inspired by Greek mythology. Sibyl is a prophetess in Greek antiquity. Sibyl the schoolgirl becomes more powerful as the classmates encounter more monsters. David becomes a capable fighter in his own right. Sometimes, he gains temporary powers through various magic, artifacts, or alien technology.

    Of course, Mozart is the background music to all of the action.

    Anime OP: Mozart – Dies Irae
    Anime End: Mozart – Lacrimosa



    For the story cronology.

    1. Dies Irae (Day of judgment)

    “Sibyl, hey!” said David excited to have finally found his classmate.

    “Hey,” replied Sibyl emotionlessly.

    “Why are you hiding in here? I’ve been looking for you for hours!”

    “I just wanted some time to myself before the storm came. Close my eyes. Listen to some Mozart,” answered Sibyl, still with no emotion.

    “What’s wrong? Don’t tell me that you are having those ‘visions’ again.”

    “They are not ‘visions!’ They are quite real!” snapped Sibyl, this time rather angrily.

    “So you were scared and decided to hide in a drain rather than come home from school?”

    “David, you don’t see. The storm is coming. Soon there won’t be a home,” Sibyl whispered and curled into a fetal position.

    “Great, now it’s starting to pour. Mind if I crawl in there while we wait for the rain to pass?”

    “Sure, David. Now is not the time to be out in the open.”

    “Dear God, Sibyl, look! The rain… it’s turning into fire!”



    2. NOLENS VOLENS (Willing or Not)

    “Enkaku, take off your headset for a second.”

    “What is it, Shiawase? Can’t you see that I’m almost to the Boss Level.”

    “Look outside, the rain is really coming down. Pause your game and turn on the weather report.”

    “What? No! I’m almost Wizard Supreme of Mega Mountain! It’s just rain.”

    “I have a bad feeling, Enkaku, please!”

    “Sigh, Shiawase… fine, I’ll switch my tablet to the news… Whoa! What is going on? Paris is on fire! So is London! New York?!? Beijing?!? Tokyo, too!”

    “Look out the window! The rain, Enkaku… it’s on fire! What’s that on the tracks? It looks like some sort of… DEMON!!!”

    “Shiawase, hang on! The train is shaking really hard. It’s going to derail!”


    “Enkaku, what just happened? Wow… we crashed. The train is smashed to pieces. I wonder how long I’ve been unconscious. Enkaku, are you okay? Enkaku? Enkaku!!! It’s that demon! Where are you taking Enkaku?!?”



    3. Nihil Sin Nefas (Nothing Without Sin)

    “David, is it still chasing us?”

    “I don’t think so, Sibyl, but stay alert! Keep it together.”

    “Gone, everyone’s gone! What do we do now?”

    “If we survived, surely others have. Think, Sibyl. Use your gift to see.”

    “No, no! It’s terrible! I only see that demon chasing us! David, this is a nightmare!”

    “Yes, it is a nightmare. As with any nightmare, try not to be afraid.”

    “That sword didn’t even scratch the demon!”

    “I know, but it’s the only protection that we have.”

    “I see them… mom… dad… Matthew… they’re all dead!”

    “Try to look beyond your house, Sibyl. Do you see the neighborhood? Can you see the city?”

    “Yes, David, there are others! They are also hiding. There are more demons roaming the streets!”

    “We can’t hide in the park forever. Maybe if we find other survivors, we can make sense of all this.”

    “This is my fault, David. I’m so selfish! I wanted the world to change for me! And it did! This is no gift! It’s a curse!”

    “Sibyl, that’s nonsense. Here, let me dry your eyes. Then we must go.”



    Memento Mori (Remember That You Will Die)

    “Sibyl! Please, wake up! We have to keep moving!”

    “Unnn…. Dav… David? Am I dead?”

    “We’re both alive thanks to you. Are you strong enough to get up?”

    “I need to rest. My head and back hurt. The demon! Is he still after us?”

    “No, Sibyl, we slew him.”

    “What? How? I closed my eyes wishing that his fire would not harm us.”

    “Yes, the flames went around us like there was a green shield blocking them. Then your eyes opened. They were glowing the same green. Sibyl, you were floating in the air!”

    “Huh? I don’t remember. Then what?”

    “I raised my sword but you grabbed the blade. The sword transformed in my hand! The blade turned into this green energy.

    “The demon leapt and knocked you hard to the ground. He stomped on you. I swore that I heard your spine break! I plunged the sword deep into his back, right between his wings.”

    “The sword, it’s beautiful. David, let me touch the blade.”

    “Of course, Sibyl… Sibyl… No! You’ve stopped breathing! I can’t hear your heartbeat! The green blade… it’s fading… Wait, the energy is returning to Sibyl’s body. Sibyl?!?”

    “Cough… David? Am I dead?”

    “You are very much alive. Here, I will carry you until you are strong enough to walk.”



    ULTIMA RATIO (The Last Resort)

    “David, look, the train station seems to be largely intact!”

    “You’re right, Sibyl. Do your powers see anything?”

    “No, this is strange. I can’t get any sort of reading. Something is blocking me.”

    “I wonder… Sibyl, do you think that any survivors will be in there? It seems odd that the train station is still standing while the rest of the city almost burned to the ground.”

    “It is, David. But it only makes sense that people would look for shelter. Let’s go!”

    “Right behind you, Sibyl. There seem to be a lot of dead demons! Most of them look like they have been shot.”

    “The inside seems fine… it’s just really empty. David, wait, who is that? Shiawase Shinzou! Shiawase Shinzou!”

    “Huh? Hey, get bent! Oh… it’s you, Sibyl. Yeah… get bent, you boyfriend-stealing harpy!”

    “What? I never tried to steal Enkaku from you! You are not even his girlfriend! We have no time for this! Where is Enkaku?”

    “The demons caused the train to derail. They grabbed Enkaku and disappeared behind this door.”

    “They kidnapped Enkaku? But why, Shiawase?”

    “How should I know, David? All I know is that I’m getting him back. I don’t care whether it’s some tramp or a demon. No one is taking my boyfriend!”

    “Shiawase, where did you find those guns?”

    “Why are you always so nosy, Sibyl? And from now on, call me ‘Tama-hime!’”



    Quid Pro Quo – (Something for Something)
    “David, that piece makes you look ridiculous.”

    “Excuse me, Sibyl, but not everyone can protect themselves with a psychic shield. A piece of armor goes a long way.”


    “Uh huh… why are we running again?”

    “We have to get back home. There are people needing our help.”

    “’Our help?’ So… it’s on us to save the world now? You doubted yourself back there.”

    “I’m serious, David.”

    “So am I, Sibyl.”

    “Why are you smiling? We’re all in grave danger.”

    “Yes, we are. But holding your hand, I believe that everything is going to be okay.”



    Si Vis Amari, Ama. – (If you want to be loved, love)

    “David, please don’t go through that door!”

    “Sibyl, you’re not coming? We have to rescue Enkaku.”

    “It’s too dangerous! You could… you could die!”

    “What do you suggest, Sibyl? We have nowhere to go. There is no place to hide. Besides, Tama-hime cannot go in there alone. With your powers, we should be okay.”

    “David, I don’t know if they will work. I can’t control them. I’m… scared.”

    “Believe in yourself, Sibyl. Never give in to doubt.”

    “Thank you. David… you’ve always been there for me. I love you and don’t want to lose you. David… please, say something! Don’t you love me, too?”

    “Sibyl… I… I am sorry. I do not believe this is the right time to talk about love.”

    “Hey! Let’s move!”

    “Sibyl and I are ready, Tama-hime.”

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