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    This is Verdante “VUR-DAN-TEH”, verdant as in verdant green.
    He is a hero, because he heals and fixes anything that has characteristics of life, and may be in danger of loosing those characteristics of life or not in the best health. In essence, can make the old young again, restoring their youthful health. Can give back life to living organisms, though there are risks in a different mind finding a seat in that body if the original has gotten lost or strayed.

    You notice caduceus of Hermese on his left arm, to symbolize his purpose, which that hand is used for healing… using a method comparable to that of the Ohmu from Nausicaa Valley of the Wind.

    Is a very earthy hero, calling upon natural elements of earth in all aspects from a molecular level up to full grown visible to the naked eye organisms. Technically his vine/tentacle-like left arm can be used as a tool as well. Two companions, a snake and a wolf, both aid him in healing as well, the snake produces a vile, and it is thought that the snake may have given him these abilities, but alone it has no powers, and with anyone else it has no effect. The companion wolf keeps an eye out, morphs through environments, alerts Verdante of things maybe he didn’t see flying about, the howl no normal howl, when danger is near or someone injured, a very high frequency howl is let out that no normal human can here, but other animals can, especially other canine, felines included of course just as in real life, and Verdante.

    The wings he was born with, but did not develop until in his mid teens to early 20’s. Previous to that, they looked like mutated hideous shoulder blades, which were his leading source of parental abandonment upon being born and left for the creatures of the forest. The development of his wings coincided with the befriending of his snake, almost like the snake was the key to unlocking all this, or vise versa perhaps – Verdante being the key to unlocking the snake.
    The wolf hails by the name Esiku’liaskahr (“ESS-EE-KU-LEE-YAH-SCARR”) – And was raised from pup, by Verdante, and just like Verd, was abandoned as well – before Verd discovered Esiku, he almost became prey for the snake, who’s name is Luz (Latin for light) – in time for Verd to save him and show the snake the value of this life form to them.

    As a 3, the hero starts to come out of Verd slowly, he had already been a little hero himself, but not until he had full grown wings to move about and learn of other places and problems which never existed before in his current experience of life. He’s not out to SAVE EVERY PERSON AND THING from dying, but does try to keep the peace in a sense, and is very influential and can turn dark eyes clear to seeing life again and restore innocence.

    I know it’s no the best hero, he’s pretty silly I guess… but this is all on the spot thoughts that come to mind…just story telling here with no real direction. Hope someone likes this goof My first hero on here, this site rocks!!!!

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