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    Participant is Verdante “VUR-DAN-TEH”, verdant as in verdant green.
    He is a hero, because he heals and fixes anything that has characteristics of life, and may be in danger of loosing those characteristics of life or not in the best health. In essence, can make the old young again, restoring their youthful health. Can give back life to living organisms, but this does not mean he saves everyone and brings back life to everything, like a faerrie in a forest or a hunter of deer, his purpose is to keep a balance, the yin and yang. Helps keep the peace in his own non-lethal way, though does have the power to take life. Is able to restore innocence to those who have eyes of darkness and see sadness, replenishing clarity.
    His close companions: a Siberian Husky, which hails the title Esiku. A snake, the only snake of it’s kind, named Luz (spanish for Light).

    Notice his right hand, that is where allot of his power comes from. The wings developed from initial back mutations he was born with, they appeared in his early 20’s as wings after a life of having mutated shoulders that were so hideous, hence his abandonment as an infant – never knowing his true origin. The trigger of his wings to sprout was the time he met the snake, as if a key to unlocking this method of discovering new places.

    I know it’s no the best hero, he’s pretty silly I guess… but this is all on the spot thoughts that come to mind…just story telling here with no real direction. Hope someone likes this goof .My first hero on here, this site rocks!!!!



    Welcome to the forums! You started off very good. I really like that character.



    Welcome! You have very unique style I like it,good start keep em’ comin’!



    Welcome to the forum. Nice start. Be sure to read the forum rules. Most of all have a great time with HM.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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