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    Herr D

    On the possibility that this is a bad idea, I leave it to djuby to close this thread if he doesn’t wish it to move forward.

    In my sleep-deprived and perhaps diseased imagination, I thought of a contest that has no deadline unless a mod adopts it and no prize except your moderator’s knowledge that you care enough about him to do something a bit bizarre and hopefully not insulting or in poor taste.

    The thing about a heart attack is that there’s no real DEFENSE for it. There are treatments and regimens and preventative measures that everyone can take. . . [tentacle puts down double cheeseburger with extra mayo, beak grimaces as kale smoothie straw is introduced] . . . but none of them are particularly FUN.

    So, imagine a walled fortress of art, made in the ‘sympathetic’ theme and shape of heart. I have made a text file to begin, and if I can post it, please begin to improve upon it. Remember, we can all do our part, through our art, to protect the heart.

    djuby, please take it from here–I’m going to go collapse after post attempt.

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