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    I am really excited with this idea.
    Your task is create a warrior suit (title says armor but it does not necessarily has to be a steel tin, just every kind of outfit warrior could wear in fight). They may be both realistic or somethink form high magic fantasy.
    Tricky part is that You had to do this without using elements from tops, legwears and headgear in standard way. By this i mean that you can use those objects but only if You change their shape and localisation e.g. you can use helmet but do not put it on head, use breastplate but do not put it on chest et cetera, et cetera.
    So you need to contrive, use atypical elements in atypical ways. It is main goal of this challenge.
    Also give your creation name e.g Armor of golden sentinel, Grumpy assassyn suit et cetera. Just fo fun.
    Of course if You really need to use some of tops, legwears and headgear, well, do it so, but as much as You can avoid to use those grups at all.

    Well, it may not stick completely to the rules, but as I say some concessions are permitted.



    This is a pretty great challenge. I’ll make a contribution (hopefully no later than) tomorrow.



    I want to ask it to i made ago armors only used by insignias. If i made armor in that way is count or need to use the original parts?



    I not sure what You mean by original parts. Any way, You can (but dont have to) use everything, however you like, exept parts from tops, legwear or headgear whitch You can use (but dont have to) only in atypical way.
    If only it will looks like somethink for warrior its ok. Most important is ingenuity.

    I realy hope I speak with sens. English language can be hard sometimes.

    BTW: I got extra challenge for this one. Who made a decent armor by using least number of kind of objects.



    No problem my main language also not the english.

    So i not a typical HM3 user, i made myself the stuffs. And for me original parts everything in the program :D

    But i speak about to i made myself the armors.
    Example pictures.

    So i only use the upper body and a lot of insignias.



    that’s awesome harle…



    I dare say that’s your best work Harle, that jacket just pops, I think I want to buy one haha!



    Ohhh. i made this long ago. I do a few armor like this. Femshep N7 Armor, my Phantas Magloria, and MisterDinoMan Slicer Remade armor. But thanks



    yes jacket is nice but suit under are really fantastic

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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