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    Arcade Invader

    I think I like working with just flat colors better. The built in “shading” is nice sometimes, but with flat colors you can just kind of be more flexible with how you use shapes.

    Part count: 98


    Arcade Invader

    “Hmm… I haven’t done any guys with visible faces; I should do one who’s not wearing any headgear!”

    “Oh right, now I remember why that is”

    Complaining aside, full character coming if I ever get a face I’m happy with


    Arcade Invader

    Name: Staff Sgt. Michael “Scratch” Kahele

    Callsign: Anvil 1

    Role: Team leader/JTAC

    Armor: SOCOM recon frame; minor modifications made to increase mobility.

    Weapons: Entirely standard issue; LSH assault rifle, PD14 sidearm, bayonet knife

    Equipment: Helmet incorporates several non-standard devices including a SOFLAM for target designation and an enhanced comms system capable of cutting through light to moderate signal interference. Left gauntlet houses a variety of navigational tools as well as a sophisticated calculator which Kahele uses to help determine distances and coordinates.

    Personality: Task oriented and focused while on-duty. Keeps calm and works well with others. Unfortunately tends to be risk-averse when making tactical decisions. Takes meticulous notes and plans to write a book after his tour.

    Parts: 83/90



    Nice concepts!  Great job!


    Arcade Invader

    Name: Cpl. Kady Hackett

    Callsign: Anvil 2

    Role: Breacher/point man


    Armor: SOCOM shock frame, extra armor plating has been attached wherever possible. Gloves have been modified with knuckledusters.

    Weapons: Artec-8 combat shotgun, PD14 sidearm, solid steel tonfa, bayonet knife, several fragmentation grenades

    Equipment: In addition to standard image intensifier night vision, Hackett’s visor also incorporates a thermal imaging mode.

    Personality/notes: Aggressive and proactive in combat, favoring bold or high-risk tactics. Generally short-tempered and abrasive. Not one to bully the weak, but is incapable of ignoring a challenge and can’t stand being shown up. Master of several martial arts and Anvil’s highest rated hand-to-hand combatant

    Parts: 128/138



    Hey!  If you are on Facebook, there is a Heromachine group with a little more traffic and bigger audience.

    Check it out…



    Arcade Invader

    Thanks! I’ll look at that at some point


    Arcade Invader

    Name: Specialist Andrew “Dietr” Dieterich

    Callsign: Anvil 3

    Role: Engineer/Sapper

    Armor: SOCOM recon frame, modified to work with Dieterich’s extensive prosthetics

    Weapons: integrally suppressed PD14S sidearm, M2A1 grenade launcher, electrified stun baton, bayonet knife

    Equipment: Basic tools, crowbar, plasma torch, remote explosives. Dieterich also wears a pair of mechanic’s goggles over his helmet. These protect his remaining eye while welding and have an electronic zoom function which let him inspect very small pieces of machinery.

    Personality/notes: Jittery and high-energy. Favors laying ambushes, flanking and generally slower, more cautious strategies. Trained to make field repairs on numerous vehicles and pieces of equipment. Has two degrees: applied physics and chemistry.

    Parts: 114/119


    Arcade Invader

    Name: Specialist Piper Cavalero

    Callsign: Anvil 4

    Role: Vehicle Operator

    Armor: SOCOM recon frame. A substantial amount of plating has been removed to increase comfort while seated in a tight cabin or cockpit. Standard underlayer has been replaced with an environmentally-sealed bodysuit. Helmet incorporates the augmented reality system used by pilots and tankers.

    Weapons: integrally suppressed PD14S sidearm, SAR9 supressed PDW, bayonet knife

    Equipment: Wears an oxygen supply in place of a backpack which protects her in case of cabin depressurization and allows her to perform short EVAs.

    Personality/notes: Friendly and outgoing. Trained to drive, pilot, or repair a wide range of friendly and enemy vehicles. Military service awakened an interest in vehicles, and she now spends much of her off-duty time working in a machine shop or talking tech with fellow enthusiast Dietrich.

    Parts: 89/99


    Arcade Invader

    Thought I’d share some simple tips/tricks I used in making anvil squad:

    The yellow areas in these would be matched to whatever is behind it.


    Here’s how I made that custom anvil insignia

    (And in the end I mostly covered them up anyway -_-)



    Arcade Invader

    Here’s how I got the chinstraps without the top of the headgear:

    This caused some problems with facial scars, which need to be below the headgear but above both head layers, so Anvils 2 and 3 actually have identical scar layers in the same place and just masked slightly differently. One is sandwiched between the lower head layer (marked in red) and the headgear, the other is on top of the upper head layer (marked in blue)



    Arcade Invader

    And one that’s barely even noticeable is that I made a slight alteration to the codpiece to get rid of the lower part which involved a really weird mask.


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