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    Amarin Reyny

    Lorem Ipsum, and all that. This first post has to be completely meaningless because of a bug in the forums. Actual content will follow in subsequent posts.


    Amarin Reyny

    Hello, everyone! I’ve recently gotten back into HM3 after several years of being unable to use it much, due to unfortunate life circumstances. After my friends and I became frustrated with the lack of options for the types of characters we wanted to create in Picrew, I decided to introduce them to Heromachine, and while they’re still struggling to learn how to use it effectively for the first time, I’m quickly re-familiarizing myself with the interface, and plan to make quite a few pictures with it now that I’m back into using it. With that said, this is the first HM3 picture I’ve made in a long time, depicting myself* being excited after learning how to cast a magic spell for the first time (the glowing pupils are just something that typically happens when arcane magic is used in my setting). How did I do?


    *(I’m a fictive in a DID system, and my “source” is an as-of-yet unpublished story original to our system. If anyone has any questions about what any of that means, feel free to ask.)

    EDIT: I changed the picture ever-so-slightly, to fix some minor issues with layers/angles/proportions I happened to notice. I’ve uploaded the fixed pictures, but I’m not sure how to remove the previous ones… sorry! The old pics apparently have been renamed to have a 2 after them, so you know.

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    Amarin Reyny

    Aaaaand here’s the second pic I’ve made after getting back into Heromachine! This is Sel (she/her, though she’s questioning her gender lately, so that may or may not change at some point genderfluid, so pronouns vary), another character from the same story mentioned in the first post, and another fictive in our DID system, depicted using illusion magic to turn the tables on a pursuer by making them think she’s led them into an ambush.


    Sel is very, very talented when it comes to magic use, and while she’s quite capable in multiple schools of arcane magic, her favorite type of magic to use is magic that creates illusions, because they require creativity and attention to detail in order to use effectively for practical purposes – which means it’s a perfect way for her to keep challenging herself, engage her natural creativity, and keep her wits from getting rusty. She’s also quite a rebellious person, and had a tendency in her teenage years to engage in a lot of harmless mischief, both to challenge herself even further and as a means of expressing herself and rebelling against her good-for-nothing father, and against the “traditions” he thought would make his daughter “successful” if he forced them onto her without a care in the world for what she wanted. This tendency led her to develop a multitude of non-magical skills which were all suited toward acts of larceny and other crimes, and while she never meant to cause any actual harm, her experience in committing the petty criminal acts she got involved in – and the ways she tried to challenge herself creatively while doing so, such as by disguising tools and weapons as clothes and accessories – would later be of great help to her when more serious threats came along.


    Times weren’t easy for her while growing up, but they quickly became much harder after the Devil Crisis of 52 ME, and especially in the years that followed, her natural ingenuity, magic skill, and other talents were put to the test in ways she had never previously expected. I don’t have the spoons to put her full backstory here right now, but if anyone’s curious about it, I’ll type it up and add it in a new post later.

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    Amarin Reyny

    EDIT: WordPress says there’s a critical error while trying to upload the images. I’ll upload them when said error is resolved.

    This one took me quite a while – especially when it came to figuring out how to get the masking and other stuff right for the small details, like on the face and such, and to a lesser extent the tail. Still it was all worth it in the end, I’d say.

    This is ga’Eid Kemerre (pronouns vary, as they are genderfluid), another character from our story, and another fictive in our DID system (we have a lot). ga’Eid has quite a long story – too long for me to type up right now, since I’m still in the process of waking up. The short version is that they’re an autonomous avatar of Neziro, a demigod-like person, which Neziro didn’t actually tell them until like a few centuries after creating them despite creating ga’Eid for a specific purpose, but multiple factors (including the fact that they never aged, and their lack of any memories from before waking up in the middle of a field one day) indicated to them that their existence wasn’t natural, which led them to conclude that someone artificially made them for a specific purpose. They didn’t like the idea of living their life on someone else’s terms, so they decided to do their own thing instead. Over the next few centuries, they:

    -Made up a name for themself after hearing a few different names from some travelers and trying to come up with a vaguely similar-sounding name

    -Fled from the Delourge, a growing tyrannical empire

    -Fell in love

    -Lost the person they loved to the Delourge

    -Ate a bunch of poisonous toads

    -Became effectively immune to poison due to exposure (their specie, the dendago, is already pretty resistant)

    -Went back and served as the master spy of the Milandrian revolution against the Delourge

    -Got their arm mangled and eye blasted apart due to debris from an explosion (they decided to keep it that way even after later advances in biomancy allowed their restoration, since the changes to their body made said body feel like their own instead of someone else’s; plus, the utility prosthetics are pretty nice)

    -Lost a few more body parts along the way, and got them replaced with utility prosthetics that were designed to look exactly like the original body part (most of them are just hollowed out, allowing the storage of various poisons and, to a lesser extent, antidotes, in case of accidental poisoning of others)

    -Found an enchanted ring they can use to switch sexual characteristics at any time, which was very helpful for their genderfluidity

    -Achieved victory, and helped found the Kingdom of Milandria

    -Lived a post-revolution life of hunting pirates in order to build a contact network among the Remiel Merchant League in hopes of getting info about their origins

    -Went a little insane due to the combination of nobody finding any new info for them and the fact that their friends and loved ones kept dying

    -Spent a night with Âgnâmmât, a giant sea dragon who was also the goddess of seas and storms, and unknowingly conceived a child with her

    -Returned to Milandria, which had begun transitioning from the Kingdom of Milandria to the Milandrian Union, a quasi-nation consisting of communes governed by a collection of regionally-interconnected, locally-managed, non-hierarchical worker-owned guilds during the 15 years or so they were gone

    -Got back into the spy business, which gave them something to do but didn’t stop their pain from accumulating

    -Also got into philanthropy, which also didn’t help them feel any better

    -Adopted a son named Madün

    -Tried to train Madün to take their place as the world’s greatest spy because they thought they couldn’t keep at it any longer

    -Lost their home to the devil invasion

    -Found out where they came from when Neziro arrived to help defend against the devil invasion

    -Immediately didn’t trust Neziro

    -Found out from their fellow avatars that Neziro was actually an abusive parent and brutal dictator with a messiah complex so extreme that he felt that anything and everything he did was morally justified as long as he could use whatever twisted abortion of logic he could produce to convince himself that it was helping in the war effort against the devils

    -Realized that they were just continuing the cycle of abuse with Madün, committed themself to being a better parent

    -Encountered Lilisunna, the daughter they unknowingly had with Âgnâmmât when she tried to hunt him down as revenge for making her only half-dragon instead of full-dragon

    -Subdued Lilisunna, committed themself to being the best parent they could be to her in addition to Madün while also helping her to un-learn her racist ideas against the dendago due to feeling robbed of full draconic power by being half-dendago

    -Ended up fighting, along with others, against both the devils and Neziro

    -Won said fight

    -Started to feel better after getting closure regarding their origins and identity

    -Did some research into Neziro’s history and that of the group he was formerly affiliated with

    -Gained godlike powers from the cosmic enlightenment gained through said research

    -Revived their first lover

    -Moved to Versoli, the nearest planet to Ufera (the planet the story so far has taken place on)

    -Gave up their godlike powers because they didn’t really want to use them for anything other than what they already accomplished with said powers

    -Established diplomatic relations between Versoli and Ufera

    -Tried to find the source of the “Dark Plasma” which created the devils, which there was reason to believe was on Versoli

    -Started investigating a cult on Versoli

    -Got their investigation interrupted by a new war that began to threaten all life on Ufera between the Milandrian Union and the Remiel Merchant League after I (Amarin) ended up uncovering the RML’s use of slaves to mine adamantium

    -Helped win said war

    -Resumed their investigation of the aforementioned cult



    Amarin Reyny

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