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    Hello and good morning (it’s 0:38 am in my country),
    I’m new here and would like to ask a question. I hope that it has not been asked yet, but if so, I apologise myself for this double-post.
    So, my question is the following:
    Am I allowed to upload a character, which I have created with the “HeroMaschine 2.5” to a photo-sharing website, such as imageshack, and use it via BBCode in my forum or another website? I’m asking this due to copyright issues.
    It would be great, if anyone could answer me.
    Thanks a lot in advice!
    Best regards.



    It would depend on the rules of the forum or website you plan on posting it to. Here on this forum if the image is of a copy righted character say for example, Batman, Captain America, Harry Potter, etc you are not allowed to post it here. If the character is a original creation of yours or a picture of a public domain ( no longer copy righted )character then you are free to post it here. You can read the complete rules for the Heromachine forums here :

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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