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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the feedback, and I’m glad u liked Death’s String …she went out nice ^ ^

: I think I didn’t modified the size of the face or the head part, it just came that way… not noticing the difference in size you mention though, if you can explain it to me, I’ll be thankful : ) …’bout the lighting… yeah, its too basic, got to work on that a little more.

Oh, and here’s a remake on Envoyé… its entirely different, but I wanted to correct it (It was just too plain boring)

Before (so u can compare):é-1.png


Yeah, Its more heavenly now, but he’s still just from another planet. I tried to make the armor and accessories give the feel of advanced melee combat technology. Now he may not look evil at first, but, looking closer, his face gives him away. And, yup, I “unfrench’d” his name xD

He was sent to supervise an ancient experiment on mankind that’s been going on for thousands of years now, and its coming to an end…

That’s for now : )