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Hey! its been days since my last update, but finally I’ve got the time to create something… there it goes!

Leonard Fretzer grew up with a caring and wealthy family on the suburbs of Horadran City. At the age of 6, Leo started having a recurring nightmare, in wich he was an old man of a long lost time, in a land where he wasn’t welcome, running from a hungry pack of wolves just to be killed by the arrow of a merciless mercenary. The dream came back every night ’till Leo turned 14… on a rainy afternoon, alone in his house, having his father’s revolver on his hands, he bended the flow of time for the first time; he teleported himself to the land of his nightmares, right behind the archer that was to put an end to the fugitive’s life. As he saw the old man coming, he raised the gun and fired a single bullet that killed the mercenary… the man kept running, gave a quick look at Leo, and disapeared in the forest. A few minutes passed and Leonard was back in his house, confused and exhausted. That night, the dream was no more. Fretzer kept living normally, being a remarkable student, he enjoyed reading history books on his spare time, learning more and more ’bout the past. This way, years later, he ended reading an old book about the journey of an exiled lord to take his land back. In this book, the lord claims hearing “a thunderous noise” and seeing “a nervous boy with a strange artifact on his hands and fear in his eyes, standing next to a bleeding man” just the day before he could gather with his followers and take back his domains. It was then when he realized what happened that strange afternoon years ago. He started training his talent, and became capable of going back in time and return to his epoch at will, getting rid of the worst evils in human history with his father’s revolver… at a great risk; every time he changed something in the past, it was his own timeline that was affected… if he killed a tyrant, another one, madder than the first, rised and took his place. He decided to focus his skills on a more subtle way and so he became to master time’s acceleration and instant traveling trough space, he even learned how to peek into the near future. As he began to care more about the present, Leonard started fighting the crime of his own time, and became publicly known in Horadran City as Timestream.

…hehe that’s for now… I guess I will be posting more superheros from now on =)