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After the fact, I thought of several possible directions to take it. One idea was Amy transported to an alternate Earth to hunt down the murderous O.A.B. or the original Bandit going to take on the killer Bandit and stealing his alt. earth tech, whatever that might be. Just keep in mind the original One Armed Bandit is basically a thrill seeking thief who would rather avoid direct, hand to hand confrontation, and let his gadgetry work for him. A brilliant guy who is also a real jerk. You handle the characters personalities very well. For the sake of continuity, we should come up with an explanation as to how the original O.A.B. found out about the alternate earths.

Well, if one One-Armed Bandit can be smart enough to figure out how to hop dimensions, why can’t lots of them?

My first thought (which means it’s probably not the best) is to make him like Ace Rimmer, a guy who occasionally meets different versions of himself. Ace only showed up a few times in many seasons, so the Red Dwarf crew had time to do lots of other things. From here, he can try to figure out what went wrong with that psycho version.

For a comparative example, imagine if Cesar Romero’s Joker found Heath Ledger’s Joker coming to his Gotham and trying to, uh, kill his Bat. If nothing else, it’d be hysterical to watch Cesar Romero convince Adam West that it’s in their best interest to team up.