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Well handled again, Nate! I’ll have to do some more research to keep everything about Amy making sense, if not completely realistic. Nice twist of her temporarily losing her powers. Also like the unflinching, Batman-like attitude of Miss X. Though I never actually wrote anything with her, that’s pretty much the personality I see her with. Overall, great story. I dig your characters, too. BTW, how did you do that group shot? Awesome! The most I’ve managed was I think 11 characters in one of my Beasts of Burden groups.

Thanks, WMDBASSPLAYER. I actually was thinking more about a former boss I had than Batman when creating Ms. X’s personality – in the pre-New 52 universe, a particular African American woman was definitely stronger than Batman.

The group shot really wasn’t easy, but here are the steps:

1. Get Premium Access for at least a month. Otherwise, that ad will mess everything up. And it’s only a dollar.

2. Load up Wideview and zoom out your browser’s view to 80 or 70 percent so you can see the whole picture. It’ll be noticably smaller than your screen, but you actually want it to be so it’ll fit in here.

3. Capture the image. Either press Printscreen (fn+shift+F11 on older computers) or use your Snipping Tool if you’re on a later version of windows. Either way, get your copy of the picture.

4. Go to MS Paint. If you used Printscreen, use this time to crop out the browser information. If it’s a Snipping Tool, paste it right in.

5. Resize as necessary. I had a lot of trouble getting it under 1000 KB and it took some playing with formats and sizes. It took some previewing and adjusting to make it happen. It also helps to save it as a JPG to cut down on file size.

6. Preview and edit. It should be good to upload. If not, go back to Step 5 and keep tinkering.

So, yeah, export won’t work. Even the widest widescreen will crop the sides. You’ll only have from Bosillos’s (cyborg in a skull and crossed wrenches shirt) left shoulder to Knockout Rose’s (smiling girl in red)’s right shoulder. And the more detail you put in, the more formatting it’ll take to upload it.