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wow, its there already! : P I’m really glad you liked it! : ) (btw, I would love to do requests, I have more fun doing requests because they don’t demand me creating stuff from scratch, hence I go right into de colorful part that is heromachining it, wich is more suited to the amount of free time I have, lol …if you ever want me to do something, just ask away!)

about the updates, I’m liking the Eosi, its a preatty neat concept! I think you should do a little more backround on them later… as how they relate to the other races during their stay on Kairula… and maybe a little more backround on their past; how their planet was, why they left it, and stuff like that… (I know you’re just starting with them, but in my opinion, adding those things should be the first thing you do when you go back to them… just a thought)

…oh, and the stone age cavern its looking better!

keep up the good work! : )