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Wolf Master

This post is exclusively villains, the guy there to give superheroes a job. But some are much more fierce than others. None of the following are just your average street crooks, they hardened psychopathic killlers and evil megalomaniacs.
First up is lord Varamount. He is the ruler of a hellish pocket universe known as the infernal sanctum. He can manipulate dark magic, create portal to his kingdom, fly and summon hordes of daemonic minions to aid him in battle. He was originally an explorer called Samuel Varamount. He was exploring the deepest depths of the amazon rain forest when he came across an ancient ruin and discovered a glowing black crystal. As he picked up a powerful daemon within escaped and bonded to its victim, also the infernal sanctum and all the daemon within reawakened and Varamount became there ruler and took the title daemon lord. He recently has clashed with many magicians amoungst them eclipse to prevent there attempts of stopping the contetntion to the pocket universe and stripping him of his powers.

Lulabye has the power to control anybody by singing to them once they have heard enough of her voice they will become her mindless slave till she breaks the bond between her and her victim. She can also send people into a slumber cause them serious pain by singing to them. But people with strong enough willpower are immune to her singing. She was a superhero under the same alias for a short time but did’nt find her role rewarding enough and originally just to pay her bills became a thief then as she began to enjoy her self she became a full on villain.

Tal Lay Shia one of the best fighters on the planet and is experienced in almost all forms of combat and carries two enchanted blade of supreme power.He also has limited precognition, can climb and run across walls with ease and the ability to become invisible for a short period of time. He trained with a ancient tribe after being swept onto their island after the ship he was aboard became wrecked. He left the island years later being the fully trained killer he is now.

The butcher is a mass murder and psychopath who gains power from killing others. The more people he kills the more his strength, durability and agility increase though the effects are temporary and eventually where off. He was originally just a killer but after year of escaping the police the legendary legion tried to stop and he was nearly killed when fighting them. He shortly after that became a villain and created himself a costume to provoke fear in his victims.