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Wolf Master

Templar is a skilled swordsman. He has enchanted Armour which can deflect most blows, he can also tell when ever somebody is lying. He is good friends with zealot and they fought together for a time when they where both assassin under the same hire. He quit being assassin 2 years later than zealot and moved to England and was a superhero there for a time. After a while he attempted to track down his old friend zealot and found them fighting the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, he helped them defeat them and joined the legendary legion to fight alongside zealot again.
The guardian has the power to open portal to other dimensions, summon thing from other dimensions to use in battle and send opponents to other dimensions. In addition he can fly, ages incredibly slowly and has super strength but not to the level of over superheroes such as ape and Hercules. He was given his power when the previous guardian was dying, he may appear old but will likely live for another 300 years. Though not an official member of the legendary legion he has worked with them on several occasions mainly sending dimension traveling villains back where they came from.
Jackie Frost can project and create objects out of ice in addition she can instantly melt any ice she created. She is really called Jackie Taylor but help conceal her identity for a time she used the name as an alias, she later got her name change to Jackie Frost.Her powers manifested at the age of 7 when while swimming she accidentally froze the entire pool, fortunately nobody was killed. She ran away from home after noticing how her parents feared her after her accident. She joined a group of super powered children who had learned to fend for them selves. She joined the legendary legion after she was given the choice instead of going to jail after she got caught stealing.
Technophage is a tracker from the year 3024 he got send back in time of exploring a nebula which turned out to be a rip in time. He was discovered in a coma in the secret base of obliterator who had been using him for research on his gadgets. After being freed by them he joined the legendary legion.
Radon is a ex-mercenary with radioactive powers. After being part of a secret government space mission he was subject to unique cosmic radiation which instead of mutating his cell negatively it instead granted him mutated powers. He can project radiation, is super strong and can mutate and control living things. After discovering his powers he originally used his powers as a mercenary with a pay-check in the millions but he came into conflict with the legendary legion. After originally opting to go to prison he later decided to join the legendary legion but to some members he has yet to earn their trust.
Baron universe is the most powerful superhero known he has virtually unlimited strength, speed, durability and energy projection abilities, he can fly at the speed of light and is highly intelligent.He has been responsible for defeating countless villains. He was the main opposing force to the overseer when he attacked earth and is likely the only reason they won. He repelled the overseer and fought a final battle with him on the moon. When the overseer was downed he turned to leave and was caught by surprise when the overseer but all his power into a single blast at him which even he could not endure. He is thought to be dead but there is chance that he is out there somewhere waiting to oppose the overseer when he next attacks.