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Wolf Master


This is Hercules, he not really the Hercules from myth he just uses it as an alias. He is super strong and has virtually impenetrable skin. He is trained in many forms of martial arts. He discovered his power when he was hit by a bus, it smashed into but did not hurt him in the slightest. His powers only kicked in after this original threat to his life. He served in the military for a time but after his first tour returned home and didn’t go back. He made the decision to become a hero after a criminal attempted to mug him in the street. He first met the legendary legion when fighting blitz’s arch-nemesis obilterator and took up on blitz’s offer to join them after the battle.

Marathon is your classic speedster. He can run at a speed so fast he can cross a continent in a minute, he has super fast reacts and can jump up to 100 meters int the air and even more when he has a run up. As he grew up he got gradually faster and faster. First he was fastest in his school, then the town, then across the entire country and currently he is the fastest known being on earth. He joined the legendary legion to thank them for saving his girlfriend.

Mirage has no super human powers but is one of the best swordsman on the planet and has a reaction time far faster than the average human being. She grew up in a poorer part of riverway city. When going to the bank a bank robber attempted to clear the vault but she stopped him just using a the cleaners brush and after that she became a full time hero. She teamed up with a hero called brawler and the became best friends. They both joined the legendary legion but she feels out of place being one of few heroes in the team without powers.

Brawler is the best friend of mirage. He has extra thick bones on his knuckles which act as built in knuckle dusters and he has almost super human strength. He did become a superhero by himself but isn’t the smartest of souls and many of his plans didn’t work out so he stopped after a short time. When mirage ofered to team up he agreed finally having brains on his side even if they weren’t his. When mirage joined the legendary league he joined them with her.

Amalgamation is a supervillian with the ability to spontaneous generate new body parts even where the wasn’t one.