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Name: Kobina “Kobi” Mensah
Alias: Anansi
Age: 25
Ethnic Background: Born to Ghanaian-American parents of the Asante tribe, raised in traditional Asante culture mixed with Christian religion and American culture.
Superpower Origins: Kobi’s father, Asón, was a Professor of Literature at this world’s UCLA and had kept a peculiar wooden box. It was a family heirloom, going back all the way to Ntikuma, son of Kwaku Anansi. This very wooden box held the stories that the Sky God Nyame gave to Kwaku Anansi. When a gang of superhumans kill his father, Kobi is directed to the box and is mystically bonded with the spirit of Kwaku Anansi.
Superhuman Strength – As Anansi, Kobi is able to lift around 25 tons in weight.
Superhuman Agility – Anansi is able to perform superhuman acts of movement and reflex to the point where he can perform parkour-style movements almost instinctually.
Magic – Anansi can use spells and chants to create illusions and ensnare opponents in webs of magical energy.
Illusions – Being the avatar of the “Weaver of Tales”, Kobi and conjure realistic illusions to fight, defend from, or confuse his opponents.
Martial Arts – Kobi, as a boy, trained in judo and Ghanaian-style boxing to the point where he’d be ranked as a brown belt. In addition, Kwaku Anansi bestows the knowledge of how to use traditional African stick-fighting to Kobi’s skills.
Weaknesses: While Anansi is a hero of magic, he can also be harmed from it. It is also possible for a strong magic user to “exorcise” Kwaku Anansi from Kobi. Kobi’s other weakness is that he can be very cocky and overconfident.
Universe: “Corsair Comics”