Re: What is your Signature Character?



Interesting premise. Since my daughter was born I have always tried to surround her with images of strong women, both real and fictional. Like any parent I try to instill positive values in her. When she was younger, she would watch me play video games and later play them with me. I have a preference for fighting games and would always use a female character when my daughter was around. I also used to teach her martial arts. I don’t advocate violence but I always said I want her to be able to beat the crap out of any man if she has to. Having said all of that I would say that my signature character is Amy Atom. Young, smart, a little sassy, totally unaffected by the fact that she is a dwarf. Confident in herself and her abilities; comfortable in her own skin even though she has permanent flaming eyes, which makes having a secret identity almost impossible.amy-solo.pngAMY-ATOM-GET-SOME.png