Re: What is your Signature Character?



I have two, one hero and one villain. For my hero, I’ve gotta go with my personal favorite, Penguin Paladin:

PP typifies everything I like in an HM character, posing, zypping, minimun amount of colors, facial expression, using items in new ways, and interesting story. I mean, you’ve got to be cool with a name like his.

For my villain, The Pelican, of course:

Like Kang the Conqueror, he appears in different forms depending on the time period or parallel universe you might be observing. So far, he’s appeared as The Pelican, Black Dragon, Oro (don’t think I had revealed that before), and one other I haven’t created, yet, but already have in mind for my double-take-verse. He is the ultimate bane to almost every hero I’ve introduced to the forum, and I think he’ll be around in one form or another for some time to come.