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Casimir Bogiakov: Head Feldsher, KLS Mistpoeffer.

S: So. Doc. Is it bad?

B: It’s infected, madame.

S: That’s bad?

B: Quite bad.

S: Can ya fix it?

B: I can. But I believe preventive measures should be taken against injuries of this kind.

S: Whaddya mean?

B: You really should stop cutting your own skin.

S: Yeah, no, not gonna happen.

B: … Why, madame?

S: I need ’em. For reminders.

B: Some people keep a journal.

S: Nah, that wouldn’t work. Can’t read.

B: You don’t say…

S: And it’s not like I’m not careful, Doc. I mean, I never cut through anything important.

B: The skin, madame, is the largest organ of the human body. I assure you, it is quite important.

S: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Will you fix it or not?

B: I can cleanse the wound with a tincture of iodine and close it with sutures. You will need to apply an antiseptic tonic to it thrice a day for the following two weeks.

S: Sounds good to me!

B: I also advice you to make smaller and shallower incisions in the future, and that you use a sterile blade.

S: Got it.

B: May I also remind you that you are in the service of the Union Navy, and that these constant infections hinder you from carrying out your duty?

S: Ah, but how am I gonna carry out my duty of shooting airships if I don’t remember what airships I’ve shot?

B: … Madame, I don’t even know how to respond to that.

S: That means I win! Hurry up now, wash it off, stitch it up. We’re shipping out in eighteen hours, and I’ve got things to do ashore.

B: I am already finished, madame.

S: Really? I didn’t feel anything at all.

B: I can imagine.

S: Thanks Doc! I’m off! See you next month!

B: Hopefully not, madame.