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@ Scatman
Thank you! I’ve been investing more time in zypping lately, it might be that
I always struggle with posing, but I’ve found it helps immensely to have a reference picture. For Amalia, for example, I just googled for “resting head on arms” until I found something that looked good, and then I just copied it.

@ Trekkie
Haha, thanks! The dialogues are really fun to write.

@ Alexander
Thanks, I will!

Nolwazi Nandi: Quartermaster, KLS Mistpoeffer.

A: Quartermaster! I would like a word with you.

N: Of course, sir.

A: I have been looking through your papers, and I can’t find any records of your service in the uKhahlamba War. Have you misplaced them?

N: No sir. I didn’t serve in the uKhahlamba war.

A: Is that so? Where did you serve, then?

N: I didn’t, sir. This is my first assignment.

A: Oh. Pardon me, madame, I shouldn’t have assumed.

N: That’s quite allright, captain.

A: …

N: …

A: Out of curiosity, quartermaster, how did you lose your eyes?

N: Through a laboratorial incident, captain, at Ulundi university.

A: What sort of an incident?

N: The lecturer stumbled and spilled aqua regia in my face, captain.

A: I see. And I take it your arm was burned as well?

N: No captain. Seperate incidents, captain.

A: Aha. Would you mind telling me how that happened?

N: A fire in the dormitories at the Al-Azhar University, sir. My arm was caught and crushed under a falling beam.

A: I see. Al-Azhar, that’s in…?

N: Cairo, sir.

A: Oh, right, Cairo.

N: …

A: And, well, what about…

N: The leg, captain?

A: Yes. What about the leg, quartermaster?

N: Frostbite, sir.

A: Frostbite?

N: Yes, sir, frostbite. My horse died from a stroke on the way to a lecture on cartography at the University of Uppsala. Had to walk through the blizzard for six hours before I reached an inn, sir, at which point the leg had turned blue from the cold.

A: And the innkeeper didn’t tend to it?

N: I believe he did the best he could, captain. He just wasn’t entirely sure what colour I was supposed to change back into.

A: Ah. I can imagine.

N: …

A: Well, this conversation took a bit of a dark turn. Let’s change the subject, shall we?

N: Certainly, sir.

A: I understand you have studied all over the Union. Did you receive a scholarship?

N: No, sir. Insurance money, sir.