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Thanks a lot, guys!

Willem Janz: Upper deck boarder, KLS Mistpoeffer.


J: We appear to be losing altitude, Mister Tippett.

T: That we do, Mister Janz.

J: A few engines fell off an hour ago.

T: Yes, I heard. Gas is leaking out at a remarkable rate, as well. Quite a large hole on the starboard side.

J: I imagine that exacerbates things. We managed to extinguish the foreward blaze, but the tillers have been damaged.

T: Reparably?

J: Possibly. The rukh Frisis are working on them, but I wouldn’t hold out too much hope.

T: How so?

J: Well… They are not arguing.

T: I see.

J: So… crashing into the ocean?

T: Presumably.

J: …

T: That is a strange use of the word, isn’t it?

J: What word?

T: “Crash”.

J: … Why?

T: Well, “crash” is onomatopoeic, right?

J: Right.

T: But an airship hitting the ocean doesn’t produce a crash. It’s more of a big splash.

J: So your point is that we should avoid saying “The burning airship crashed into the Atlantic” in favour of “The burning airship splashed into the Atlantic”.

T: Well… yes. It’s more accurate, isn’t it?

J: … I can’t argue with that. Sounds quite a bit nicer, too.

T: Indeed! Crash is such an agressive word.

J: Yes! Yes.

T: …

J: …

T: Hey, is that a beluga whale down there?

J: Oh, it is!

T: This certainly has been an exciting day.

J: …

T: …

J: Are you sure that’s not an albino orca?

T: … No.