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Thanks CantDraw!

Nevin Tippett: Upper deck marksman, KLS Mistpoeffer.

J: Mister Tippet?

T: Yes, Mister Janz?

J: May I ask you a question?

T: You certainly may.

J: Where is your beard?

T: I… I beg your pardon?

J: Where is your beard, Mister Tippet? If I may be so bold.

T: Well… I never really had the propensity for a beard.

J: Oh. That’s somewhat rare among your people, is it not?

T: Yes, I suppose. We Scotsmen tend to sport quite impressive beards.

J: I’m sorry? Scotsmen?

T: Yes. I am a Scotsman.

J: Oh. I thought you were a Dwarf.

T: That I am.

J: … I’m afraid I’m not following.

T: You seem to have gotten dwarfism, the deformity that causes abnormally slow growth in humans, confused with Dwarves, the short, stout, subterranean race. I am of the former variety. The latter are known for their beards.

J: Huh.

T: …

J: Oh, all right, I get it! It’s like saying: What is the difference between a beluga whale and an albino orca?

T: What?

J: What?

T: What is the difference between a beluga whale and an albino orca?

J: … I’m not quite sure, to be honest. Perhaps it was a poor example.

T: Perhaps.

J: …

T: …

The awkward silence was shattered when a Spanish cannonball tore through the cabin, to the great relief of both men.