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Lightningsword, I see you did a female character, so are you ready to try one of mine? Here again is African Violet, with her back story for insight and inspiration. The only things I ask is that her skin stay some shade of purple and keep her facial features that of a Black woman. Anything else is up to you. I enjoy seeing my characters reinterpreted. Here is African Violet’s story: Gaia, Earth Mother, Mother Nature, Oester, Ester. At one time or another she has been known by all of these names. She prefers to be called what she was called in her native Tanzania. That name is African Violet. Whether she is truly the personification of Earth and nature or an exceptional meta-human is not known. All that is known of her is that she has probably the greatest regenerative powers ever. She absorbs and can radiate sunlight and direct that energy at will, though it is very rare that she uses that power offensively. She has been said to level mountains with her bare hands; many in her native land tell the tale of how Mt. Kilimanjaro was once taller than Everest until, in a fit of rage over the death of her first and only child as he attempted to scale that peak, she shortened the mountain by battering the top. She has been observed transforming barren land into lush, verdant fields simply by walking across it. It has also been rumored that her regenerative powers are so great that she can resurrect the dead, something she neither confirms nor denies. Also, her regenerative powers are most likely responsible for her eternally youthful appearance. It is not known how old African Violet is, and of course, a lady never tells!AFRICAN-VIOLET.png