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Thanks and here is another cadet. On another note, I do plan on doing the 30 days challenge, but time has slipped away from me. It will be done in the end, it may just come later.

Paige Holbrook has the ability to phase through objects. This led to her fighting crime as Phase. She found friends in the Cadets and was second in command. She was also in love with the first in command, Kid Paragon.


On the day Snowball died, Paige was also forever changed. The villain knew the Cadets were coming and he was prepared. While fighting drones, she was struck by a special beam. This blast made her lose control of her phasing. She began phasing in and out, eventually phasing out of our reality. She slipped into a hell world full of floating rock and monsters. Paige was trapped in this world for a year. She was forced to do anything to survive. She killed any monster that came in her way and she ate anything that she could.

Then, after a year, she phased back into our reality. For her, a year had passed, but for her friend’s it only had been a minute. In this minute, Paige had changed. She was scarred, physically and mentally. Her hair was disheveled and had turned white from the constant fear. This fear also turned her more violent.


After she came back and Snowball died, she retired from heroing. She and Paragon got married and slowly, she readapted to normal life and her old positive self returned. She came out of retirement and works with her husband as Spectra.