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Adam Morse was a member of the Cadets, a teenage superhero group. He went by the codename Psych, which tied together his telepathy and his joking nature. He was the optimistic clown of the team. Then that changed. Snowball, his best friend and teammate, died in the course of a mission. Psych had believed in the hero system, of good conquering evil, but his friend’s death changed that. His idealism became cynicism and he broke off from the team.


He became a darker hero. He was willing to do more to get the bad guys, willing to cross a couple lines with his mindreading. He was on a dangerous path into becoming a villain. SPARO saw what he was willing to do and offered him a job. He hoped that by having someone to guide and watch over him that he would not slide into further evil. He became a SPARO agent, doing what they asked. He did things that were darker than ever before. They made him into a weapon. He worked as a living sonar for people, and he could make people do things. He became a killer, using both his newfound accuracy and his growing telekinesis. This life of black ops wore on Adam and soon he had to leave it. He had seen and done too much.


Adam went home. The Cadets had broken up after what had happened to Snowball and they were all off doing their own things. Adam was still a hero at heart, but he needed a change. There was a darkness within him, a darkness he needed to harness to fight evil. He decided that he would use this darkness, use what skills he had learned, to continue fighting evil, but under a new name. He was a different person and he needed a new moniker, so he became Psyche. He would be a hero with darkness inside of him, a hero that would use the darkness for light, and a hero that knew what lines he must straddle, but not cross.