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Riley Clay is the son of Adrian Clay, founder and CEO of Clay systems, one of the top tech firms in the world. Riley hated his father’s greed and often spoke against him. He also despised the crime that riddled the city he lived in. He began to run charities and the like, but his father stopped him as it was a waste of money. This made Riley furious. Then he discovered his powers. Riley could breathe fire. Now he had another way to help the people of his city. So Riley became Spitfire, a firebrand of a hero devoted to helping save lives. When Adrian discovered Riley’s little hobby, he disowned him. It was the last straw, running around in colored tights to battle other men in tights.


Riley was now abandoned and without a home. He had no money and no ideas for a future. SPARO offered him a purpose and job. So Riley became a SPARO operative, a good one at that. He did this for a while, but soon SPARO’s less than moral tactics got to him and he quit.


Riley went back to the states and back to being a masked hero. Also, his father had died and he had inherited the family business, which he put to use in charitable ways. Spitfire was now a more world weary, but just as passionate crime fighter.