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Thanks and it has been fixed, though the reindeer name may be purposeful, hint hint. Also, Myro, why not.

Erik thought he had ended the Jaeger line, but he hadn’t. Karl had a son, Heinrich, during the war, a time when the two brothers weren’t talking too much. His father died and then the war ended. His mother had also died and young Heinrich was left a ward of the state of East Germany. All that he had of his fathers was his journal and his blood. From the former, he learned of his destiny and of his uncle. He hated Erik for what he had done to his father and he knew that by becoming a Jaeger, he could enact his vengeance. He trained himself and by age fifteen, he had already killed someone, a young boy who had insulted him. He had become faster, stronger and deadlier.

His actions caught the attention of the Stasi, who wanted to use his boyish looks and deadliness as an assassin. They trained him further in espionage, and a new Jaeger was born. He soon became the Stasi’s and then the KGB’s top assassin.

While this happened, Erik had made himself a new life in America with a wife and son. He still fought evil as Blitz. When he heard about the new Jaeger, he travelled to Germany to stop his nephew. Unfortunately, years of heroics had worn down his killer instinct and Jaeger had the upper hand. If not for the West German and American agents, Erik would have died. He survived, but his wounds made him retire from heroics. He passed on his sword to his son who became the new Blitz. Jaeger was stopped, but he continued to try and his cousin continued to stop him.