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Mad Jack

@Vampyrist said:
[…] earning him the code name Blitzen, the lightning. […]

Great back-story as always and the same applies of course to your great characters.

That said, I hope you don’t mind if I point out a little mistake with the name. The German word for Lightning is spelled “Blitz” (plural Blitze). “Blitzen” (written with a lowercase b) is the verb (doing word) of “Blitz” and the difference is the same as between “flashing” and “flash” (Blitz is the German word for both Flash and Lightning). “blitzen” is also used in the sense of sparkling, glimmering, flickering and so on. For example: “blitzendes Juwel” means “sparkling jewel/gem”. And now just for fun and to confuse you completely – in the daily use “blitzen” is mainly used as a dictum (winged word) in “jemanden (somebody) blitzen” which means “to catch sb. speeding”. So, to cut a long story short, just drop the “en” and there’s no danger of confusion with one of Santa’s reindeers…

Hope I don’t appear as overly didactic (knowing that I make a lot if mistakes myself when writing in english) and I also know that it may seem like I’m very nitpicky or even petty regarding those details lately, but I definitely don’t do it to belittle people – I really just want to help. So please believe me when I tell you and all the other members of this board to feel free and ask for help regarding German words, expressions, locations, history (at least in parts), background-informations, and whatnot. I’ll help you gladly.