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Cody’s death rocked the Institute. It was the first death they had experienced and it made them cautious of any future exploits. Eventually, when some students began sneaking out to help people, they decided it was time to reinstitute their hero program.

Time passed and more students did pass, several during the attack upon the school. The students graduated and new students arrived. Jesse had come back as a teacher and other former students popped in every now and then. The alumni stayed in touch and often patrolled with one another.

It was on one of these patrols that something extraordinary happened. Jesse Cardenas, Ethan Torres, and Bradley Cabrera were on patrol when they encountered a ghost. A man from their past was beating up some crooks. Cody bishop, their friend who sacrificed himself for them, was standing there above a goon.


The three heroes were shocked to say the least. They were staring at a dead man. He appeared older and his hair and clothes were darker. He looked up, smiled, and retorted, “Hey guys, miss me?”

They were speechless, but finally brad asked the question on all of their minds, “How the hell are you here?” Cody laughed, “funny you say that. You see, hell has everything to do about it. Now before I begin, I must ask you to keep this a secret, it is something I don’t want anyone else to know.” The group agreed to his terms and Cody told his tale.

“After the second explosion, I was left in the crater of the island. My body was gone, charred inside and out. Despite this, I was happy. Before I went nuclear, I saw you guys safely away, so I knew my death had done its job. I wasn’t happy to die, but at least my death had meaning.

Then a voice spoke to me, or rather I heard it inside my head. It asked me if I wanted to live. I tried to speak, but instead of words, blood just came out. It told me just to think my response, so I did. I answered it yes and it offered me a deal. It was a demon with no body. It needed a vessel but due to its demonic energies, it burned out most hosts in a couple of weeks. I was its best option. My power would keep my body alive and it could save my life. We eventually came to an agreement. In exchange for my life, he could use my body as his vessel. We would share my body. I would be in control certain nights and other times, he would take control.”

Ethan spoke up, a little angry, “you made a deal with the devil?” Cody’s eyes darkened and began to glow and a wicked grin came upon his face. “Well, I’m not exactly the devil” Ethan raised his pistol at the demon and Cody shook his head, his eyes returning to normal.


He spoke again, “Yes I did, and Ethan, put down the gun. Now guys, I didn’t do this without a few concessions. That agreement I mentioned earlier states that while it uses my body, it cannot harm innocents or cause innocents to come to harm. I also can watch what it does and step in to stop it if things go awry. It breaks this and it has to vacate my body.”

Jesse spoke up, “It’s been years since then, why haven’t you tried to get rid of it and why haven’t you contacted us? We thought you were dead.”

Cody’s eyes glowed again and it spoke, “You see, that’s the other part of our little deal. He tries to remove me and I get his body for good, and I can do whatever I want with it. So please, make him try to get rid of me.” It laughed and Cody regained control. “As for your second question, I was ashamed of what I had done. I made a deals it’s the devil, a deal which saved me, but I was afraid of what you guys would think about my choice. I had died a hero, and part of me wanted to remain that in your memories and not mar that with my decision to save my own skin.”

Bradley offered some sympathy, “You did what you had to do and we have our old friend back. Wait, why did you come back?”
Cody frowned, “It told me of a demonic threat at the Institute.”

Jesse now asked, “Why would it tell you anything?”
It took over again and responded the young hero’s question, “The demon in question isn’t what you’d call a friend. In fact, he’s tried to kill me several times. I want him gone and young Cody here wanted to see his old friends. It was a win-win, as it also is for you. A threat to your precious school is averted and an old friend comes back from the dead. Your welcome.” Cody came back and Jesse stated, “Fine, let’s do this!”