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Thanks and here is another student, Cody Bishop.

Cody has the ability to absorb energy and turn it into strength and durability. Cody came to the Institute hoping to learn how to use his powers to help others. He became quick friends with Jesse Cardenas and Bradley Cabrera as they were all part of the same subgroup. They fought valiantly with one another until a fateful day in the pacific.

They were rescuing some mutants on some scientist’s private island and it had been a difficult day. Several classmates got wounded in the rescue and the villain had escaped. As they boarded everyone onto the plane, an alarm was heard. The scientist had activated his last ditch plan, a nuclear bomb in the middle of the island. It was only one minute until they were all dust. The plane wouldn’t be able to get far enough in time and all this effort would be for naught. But they had to try anyway so they got up in the air and preceded to fly away.

They had done this in such a rush, that they did not notice Cody wasn’t on board. Ethan Torres used his helmet and saw him standing alone on the island. Cody had decided to sacrifice himself to save them. He could absorb the blast and hold it in for valuable seconds, enough for the plane to survive and just that. But he also knew that the blast would be too much for his body to hold and once overloaded, it would release again, killing him. This would be worth it, though, for at least his friends would survive.

He braced himself and then a fire erupted around him. A fire white hot, hotter than anything he had ever felt. He burned for what seemed like eons and then it was over. He fell onto one knee and his body still burned. He could see his skin crackling with power, ready to burst. But his friends needed more time. So he held it in and it burned up his insides. He looked up with much effort and in the horizon, he saw the jet sailing away. He smiled one last time and then it was over.