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Dr. Crane is one cold bastard. He’s Benjamin’s right hand, next to Tommy as his left. Tommy’s a vicious animal and Crane is not what you’d call Elf. He’s a machine, emotionless and logical. Tommy enjoys inflicting pain, cackling as he does it with a monstrous glint in his eye. Crane’s eyes are flat and a smile doesn’t breach his lips. He sees pain as an oddity, something he can study to aid him in his tasks. Tommy inflicts pain without a reason, when Crane causes it, it always is for something, something Benjamin needs.

Crane’s skills as a doctor make him perfect for his line of work. He can hurt just as he can heal. He uses a spell surgeons use, they stick their hands in and grab and repair while inside, their hands phantomlike. The good doctor, though, makes his hands semisolid, inflicting immense pain. Then the good doctor removes all trace of his work. In short terms, if he asks a question, you better answer it.