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Dylan Blake is the bastard offspring of an angel and a demon. His holy and unholy heritage have resulted in him having the power of both sides and more power than his parents combined. His power has incurred a hit on him from both sides and if it weren’t for his demonic mother’s hiding him, he would not have made it a year. His birth caused quite a commotion and led to the stripping of his father’s wings, leading him on the path to becoming the Fallen Angel, and his mother grabbed him and ran. Dylan grew up on the road, his mother doing her best to train her son how to fend off any attacker, whether it be one of his father’s kin or his mother’s.

A demon hit squad managed to kill his mother at the cost of their own lives and Dylan was left all alone. He now wanders the US, generally doing good, though he has racked up quite a bit of dead angels and demons in his wake.