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Here is Psion, a telepath and telekinetic who was one of the first wave.

Matthew Cabrera’s powers of telepathy manifested in the car crash that took his parents’ lives. He felt their minds slip away as his own body screamed in pain. And afterwards in the hospital, the ensuing pain of a thousand voices, screaming in agony, in his head almost drove him mad, but he ended up reigning in his power. Matt also found he could move things with his mind and cause people pain with a single thought, the pain he had experienced shaping his powers. He had felt too much pain to be a normal child, now he was darker, more pessimistic. After his wounds healed, he went home with his uncle and a sort-of life resumed. Years passed and his powers grew.

One night while walking home from a friend’s house, he felt someone’s mind scream out. He ran to an alleyway and found a woman being attacked. Matt stepped in and saved the woman. But he ran off before she could thank him. This made him realize that he could use his gift to stop pain, to save lives.

Thus, Psion was born. Psion would become a powerful hero and an inspiration for many to come as one of the First Wave who helped found the new BSH.