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Long ago, Earth was a land of monsters and men. There was a sort of peace between men and these mystical beings. Then the Forgotten Ones began to conquer everything. They were a powerful race and their goal was to rule the world or destroy it trying. The Elders, another powerful race sought to stop the Forgotten Ones. In order to halt the mighty Forgotten Ones, the world had to be split between a world of man and a world of monsters. So Mankind then forgot about these monsters and they entered myth. Portals between the two worlds often open up, but the Forgotten Ones are in the deepest part of it, where no portals form. The Elders watched over Earth, in case the Forgotten Ones ever did escape.

Praetor was once a legionnaire, but then his legion met a Forgotten One who had slipped through. Even though everyone around him was dying, he continued to fight a losing fight, as nothing he could do could harm the demon. The Elders stepped in and they managed to send it back to the hell it came from. The Elders also recognized Praetor’s courage. They had grown tired of watching mankind. They were an old race getting older as the rest of their kind became dust. They needed to rest, to finally die like their brethren, but they also needed to ensure the safety of the planet. So they looked on the Roman. They gave him power and made him immortal, they taught him their magics and knowledge, and they made sure he was ready to protect the planet. They made him Praetor for an army he was to build to be an everpresent defense force of Earth. After this, the Elders faded away, havign transferred their responsibilities on.

Praetor has guarded the planet for over 2000 years, created hundreds of armies to stop demonic threats. He figured while the Forgotten Ones were still locked up, why not protect the Earth from other things that go bump in the night. His Forgotten Armies remain strong to this day where they are a strong force against evil.

Praetor has had to face the Forgotten Ones three times. The first time was in 1580s america where a Forgotten One destroyed the Roanoke colony before Praetor could lock him away. The second was in 1974 when Arthur Sage and other magicians worked with Praetor to banish another Forgotten One. The last time was in the present where Arthur Sage was killed and a new Magus Dominus, Myles Carter had to work with Praetor to stop the threat.