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Name: Dav Kehr

Nickname: The Man with No Face

Race: Uknown, as he never shows any skin color and his body having enhancements, along with his everpresent mask have hidden his origin.

Affiliation: Leader of a group of bounty hunters

Status: Active

Planet of Origin: Unknown

Skills: Dav is an excellent hand to hand combatant and marksman. His weapons of choice are twin plasma pistols and an Iridite knife.

Special Abilities: Dav's suit is enhanced and gifts him with an electric touch. His mask allows him to breathe, no matter what the circumstance and has several vision modes.

History: Dav's history is unknown before he showed up as a bounty hunter. His first job was a high profile assassination. He was an enigma and his unerring ability to never show his face gave him the moniker, the Man with No Face. He has accumulated a crew and has become most wanted in the universe.