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I was once God’s greatest follower and his most powerful servant. I adored everything He had created almost as much as I loved Him. And then He created mankind. They were a bunch of destructive, vulgar, and sinful creatures, but for some reason Father made us love them above others. I couldn’t stand for that as I could see that these humans would destroy God’s greatest creations, everything else on the planet with their selfish ways.

So I rebelled and spoke out against my Creator and for this act, I was cast out of Heaven and thrust into Hell. There I was faced with constant combat with the various demons who inhabited the realm. Through my fights with them, I began to realize that these creatures were worse than humans could ever be and so I killed them with a passion.

And throughout my time down here, I have met various humans and their honor and kindness in some cases has caused me to change my views on their kind. Maybe they do have some good in them and they should be saved.

Now I continue to fight, hoping that one day Father will let me out of my prison for I was mistaken and until then I will light the way in Hell.