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The Forgotten ones are an ancient race of beings whose origins are shrouded in mystery. The records of them and their era have been forgotten by the majority of mankind and only a few people, mostly sorcerers even know of their existence.

They lived in the time when man coinhabited with monster and it is because of them, the world was split into the world of men and the world of monster. The Forgotten Ones sought power and with their already enormous magical power began to conquer and destroy much of the world.

To save the world from its doom, a group of powerful mages and sorcerers banded together and sealed away the Forgotten Ones and other beasts. Thus the world was bifurcated into the state it is today. As a result of this massive spell, many of those mages died, but those that did survive stood watch to ensure that the beasts they had locked away would stay banished.

Time went by and when one of the Forgotten Ones did escape during reign of the Roman Empire, the few remaining mages were decimated stopping it. The ones that were still alive gave their power and immortality to a man now called Praetor, who was tasked with defending the earth against the Forgotten Ones, if they escaped again.

1965 was the last time one of the Forgotten Ones escaped and it caused many casualties and damage before being banished back from whence it came by Praetor and the Magus Dominus of the time, Arthur Sage.

Only time will tell if any more of the Forgotten Ones shall escape and wreak havoc upon the Earth they once ruled.