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Thanks and here is Dominic Gage.

Dominic was an explorer/archaeologist of the Indiana Jones variety, but then he stumbled into the wrong tomb. He was in an ancient Babylonian temple when he found an amulet, he was examining it closely to his face, when it began warm and then it leaped at his face. It proceeded to burn into his right eye, replacing it. While he was screaming from the pain, he almost didn’t hear the voice. A deep, fiery voice began to speak to Dominic. It said that it was Nergal and that someone had trapped him in the amulet and that he needed someone to help release him. He said whomever did this would be rewarded great power and wealth. Dominic was a good person, but this deal seemed perfect and besides, it was either accept and profit or have an annoying god in his eye.

So Dominic began to work for Nergal and as a result, he has become Trevor Cartwright’s, the Museum (Warehouse 13/the Librarian series) main foe. As long as Nergal is inside him, Dominic has made it his goal to amass even more power through artifacts, items which have magical properties due to the people or events they experience. This has put him at odds with his young friend and colleague as Trevor’s job is to maintain these objects. Dominic gets stronger each and every day, for he has the powers of a god and more weapons than he knows what to do with.