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First off, that was funny, and secondly, the hospital is run by various medics who have different abilities suited to medicine. There are actual healers, those who can put people to sleep, and it was run by an electrokinetic who was a living AED. And yes, there are a few chainsaws. And lastly, yeah, they got their names from the odyssey.

Here is Frankenstein’s creation who is also one of my favorite literary characters. To me, he was always more sympathetic than his creator and Victor deserved everything he got. It has also infuriated me that no one has actually tried to do the story accurately, though Branagh’s version is the closest.

In my universe, he is still alive, as he could not go through with killing himself, and he has finally left the Arctic. He is a genius and he has been trying to help people to make up for his crimes. He has also given himself the name Adam.