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Thanks guys! Here is Joshua Quinn, one of the most powerful mutants in my universe. He is a massively powerful telekinetic who has so much telekinetic energy that it often comes off of him like electricity. He was once a student of the institute, but as his power levels increased, he became more dangerous. When he got to the point where he could move things at the molecular level, his friends got worried that he’d might do something he’d regret. It didn’t help that the man who murdered his parents happened to be in town. It took all of his friends, Jesse, Bradley, and Cody included, to talk him down. Josh was so disgusted with what he almost did that he left earth to do some much needed soul searching. After being gone for five years, he has returned a bit wiser and still just as powerful. Only time will tell if he can keep himself together or if he will become an unstoppable force which needs to be reckoned with.