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My name is Kyota and I am a face stealer. My people are old and from the distant east. We moved to these lands to find prosperity and a new way of life, but our abilities led to hate. People are unnerved by someone who can look like them and if not like them, then their wife or son. And if we don’t impersonate anyone then we are just blank, which just scares them even more. So my people traveled and hid our abilities to disguise ourselves. But we still had to feed our families so we began to use our gifts in unscrupulous ways. We found that we could sneak into places easily and that people often trusted us with their secrets when we looked like their advisers. So the nopperabo, my people began to be known as the faceless spies and assassins. We hired out our services to those who needed information or a person dead. But people didn’t like the idea of their best friends and close relatives being impostors, so we were hunted down and slaughtered to the point where only a few of us remain. I do not like what my kind was forced to do, but we have to do it, for it is what we are best at. I am one of the last of my kind and I am a face stealer.