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Real Name: Jacqui Hayes

AKA: Spectrum

Modus Operandi: Heroine

Status: Active

Affiliation: BSH

Relationships: Engaged to the hero, Mako

City of Origin: Heliopolis

Territory: Heliopolis

Skills/Abilities: Speaks french

Powers: Light manipulation:

Light blasts




History: Jacqui was born to George and Renee Hayes in Heliopolis. Her mother was french and came to America to teach at Florida State University. Because of this, her daughter learned french at a very early age. She was given a good education and a good childhood, both of which factored into her choices.

She was at Florida State, getting her degree in business when she discovered her powers. Being smart and trusting her parents completely, she instantly told them of her gift and her intentions of heroism. It took some convincing, but she finally became the heroine, Spectrum. She has been a hero ever since an has made a name for herself in Heliopolis, working with other heroes in the sunshine state. She even found love in Mako, her fiancee.