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Meet the Reverend Alistair Atland, or the son of perdition. He is a demon who inhabits a minister’s body in order to win over mortals. He has become a televangelist who speaks out against heroes and mutants in order to get people to do things which would seal their fates. He is a mix of Glorious Godfrey and William Stryker.

And now an excerpt from one of his sermons:
We as the human race are hurtling towards perdition, towards eternal damnation, and I do not know if we can stop ourselves. I do believe that we can try.

And the first step to saving us is to remove the malign influences on mankind, superheroes. Mankind is flawed in so many ways and to give that much power to us is foolhardy. God is no fool, so if the power does not come from above, it must come from below. These heroes are the devil’s vanguard to our destruction. Now some of you may say that these heroes are doing good, saving lives, and to be honest, I agree with you. I cannot deny that these heroes are saving people, but the devil can quote scripture and do good before he turns around and destroys you with sin. That is what these heroes are doing. They are luring us towards damnation by gaining our trust. It is far easier to be misled into sin when you trust the person deceiving you.

We need to stop this threat now and I do know that saving our planet may not be entirely peaceful. For getting rid of malignant cells may necessitate the death of a few good cells, but this is a necessary evil. So viewers, will you help me save this planet or are you just going to sit back and watch us all fall into perdition.