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Wyath, the Usurper, the Blazing, was once one of the king’s advisors. He was tired of serving the king and not being the king, so he started an army. This army fought and finally overcame the King’s men, storming into the king’s palace. The King, his wife, his son Tristan, and the last of his King’s guard were stashed away in the throne room. With his wife’s portal protecting him, the King opened a portal to another realm and sent his young son through it. As the portal closed, Tristan saw his parents fall by Wyath’s light magic.

Wyath has not forgotten about the boy and still sends men to dispatch him. Years have passed since then and Wyath’s reign has been brutal. He rules with an iron fist and his men operate as they please, robbing and harming anyone they wish. A rebellion is forming underneath the Usurper, a rebellion awaiting the return of the proper heir, Tristan, whom legend says survived.