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Tristan is a prince trapped in our world. He comes from a world where magic rules instead of technology, and instead of a more incantation based magic, it is a rune based magic.

Tristan’s parents ruled justly, though there were those who wished to usurp the throne. One of these Usurpers, Wyath, gathered enough troops to storm the castle and take charge by force. Before his parents were murdered, they sent Tristan away via a very powerful dimensional portal.

Tristan ended up in the main BSH universe. He is powerful and adept at runes, but he still has to hone his gifts. He was picked up by the Institute whose magical expert, Timothy Wells or the Grimoire, both trains and helps the young prince find his way back home. Unfortunately, Tristan is not safe in this world, as Wyath has sent others through the portal to ensure that the rightful heir does not reclaim the throne.