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I’d also read that comic, and thanks. Speaking of Zaiar, here he is before he lost his eye along with an after headshot without the mask.

Zaiar was initially more of a hands on, close quarters guy with more simplistic tech. Initially he only had some armor and some gloves which could teleport in weapons and release electricity.


He was one of the people hired to cause chaos during the attack on the Institute. He shot and stabbed many students before being stopped by several students including Liam Roarke, Adrian Cross, Carl “flurry” Meyer, and Kyle Reid. The fight ended with Zaiar frozen in ice with a knife in his eye. He was only alive due to Liam’s blood being on the blade. When it was finally pulled out, everything else healed, except for the eye.


After he escaped from prison, he got more tech and became more of a long distance threat. Dying changed him. He did not want to do it again. So he stays away, letting his rifle or shoulder gun do the fighting.