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Thanks and here is Michael’s half human son, the hero Seraphim.

A scream pierces the still night. No human hears it. It came from a lone house on the edge of town. A place hidden from prying eyes, a place that is supposed to be safe. Another scream. A woman is screaming. She is in pain, the strongest pain she has ever felt. She is issuing forth a new life and in this lone house, there is no doctor and there are no epidurals. She is not alone however. Her husband and the father sits next to her, comforting her, trying to take away some of the pain. He knew this would be painful.

A child of an Archangel does not come easy. He rested his hands on Sarah, light emanating from them and into her, but even for Michael, the Sword of God, there is not much he can do. He reassured her, knowing this will be a long night, and an even longer life. Angels and mortals are not supposed to mate, let alone fall in love, but Michael was enamored when he first saw Sarah Harmon. He was slaying a demon on Earth and their paths crossed. The connection was immediate and too strong to be ignored. Against His law, they continued meeting and eventually got married, this baby the result of their love. It would live a tumultuous life, a powerful being unwanted by both sides and forever a target, but Michael loved her and his soon to be born son. Sarah screamed again and Michael tells her to push and she does. With one final scream, a baby, covered in blood is brought into the world.

Outside, the still night is once again broken. Flashes of light and darkness peek through the window. The child had been hidden by Michael, but its birth had alerted the world to its presence. A being of great power, of angelic and mortal blood. It would have some of his powerful father’s power and the powerful human spirit, in other words, a threat. Michael looked at his son and then to his wife, who had stopped screaming… and moving. The birth had been too much and she had died. Michael screamed and went to his wife, cradling her in his arms. He did not have long to mourn as the shields he placed shattered with both heavenly and hellish power breaking in. An angel, fully winged, and a demon, fire crackling off of its hands, burst into the room. Michael grabbed his crying son and stood up, his own sword appearing in burst of heavenly fire.

As Michael readied himself for a fight to protect his son, time stopped. Another angel, a youngish man with blond hair and his mouth and eyes burning white, appeared in between the three warriors. Metatron, the Voice and Scribe, was here. Michael bowed to the angel who channeled God, his sword resting on the ground as he cradled his now calm son in his other hand. Michael was silent as He spoke, the air vibrating with power.

“My son, you have gone against me. You have begat a son in defiance of my law. A son who both my soldiers and Satan’s soldiers want dead. A son who should never have born. You have committed a crime and you have forced me to banish you as I once made you do to your Brother. I should cast you down and end this poor child’s life”

Michael’s sword burned hotter with this statement. He would do anything his Father wished, but that. The baby he cradled in his arms was his son and he was willing to be damned to save it. So he plead, “Father, I beg of you, punish me and not my son. He is an innocent, his only crime having been born. I am the one who has sinned, the one who has loved a mortal and who out of that love, created a son. I am the one who defied you. Please let him live.”

Metratron spoke again, “Yes, you did defy me and you did not let me finish. I have already lost one of my dearest sons. While you have committed a crime, you did it out of love. Your brother was banished for his pride. He gave into sin and you gave into love. Because of this, you and your child shall live.”

Michael’s face glowed with appreciation and a grin broke out onto his face.

“But, you still defied me and this cannot go unpunished and I’m afraid it will be a great punishment. You and your child shall live and you will see your child grow up, you will train him to use his powers to fight evil. However, while you may know your child, he will never know you. You will be his mentor, but never his father. You may never tell him who you truly are. You will teach your son to be a fighter, a true angel and his mother shall teach him to be a human.”

With this, Sarah’s spirit entered the room. She knew what had transpired here, but she was also grateful.

He spoke again, “Sarah, you will raise your son in heaven, teaching him what being a human entails. You will teach him to be kind and loving. If he asks of his father, he died defending him on this day. You shall see your husband occasionally, but you will never reveal who he truly is to your son. This is the sentence for what you have done, do you accept it?”

Michael and Sarah looked at one another and nodded. Metatron/God smiled, the tension in the air evaporating, and said, “Good, now what is my grandson’s name?”

Michael and Sarah looked at each other again and laughed. She replied, “Matthew”. Metraton/God smiled and laughed as well. “That’s a good name. I will give you both a minute before we go up. I will deal with those two. Michael and Sarah did not notice time resuming or Metratron telling the angel and demon of the child’s protection. The two were two busy saying goodbye with their eyes and staring at their beautiful Matthew. Minutes passed by and they left.

Since that day, years have passed. Matthew has grown into a fine young man and soldier. His mentor Michael has taught him to use his great angelic powers, including his ability to create structures of holy light and fire and taught him how to use them well. His mother has raised him into a strong and caring young man who wishes to do good in the world, a task he does as a Seraph, one of god’s greatest soldiers, and as the superhero Seraphim, where he tackles various supernatural evils and has worked with BSH on numerous occasions. He still does not know that his father is alive, but he grows more and more like his noble father every day.