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Thanks and here is the last member of the Cadets, the team’s resident genius.

Marcus Williams is not a mutant, he is a human, albeit a human supergenius. He was able to create himself a supersuit when he was still a teenager, which he used to fight crime as Gadget. He soon joined up with his fellow teen heroes in the Cadets, where he was the serious one. When Snowball died, he continued heroing for a bit, but a near mortal injury and real life made him retire and go to college.


After college, Marcus decided to use his intelligence to fight crime in a different way. He became one of BSH’s best inventors, creating the power restrictors used in prison transport and part of the cells used in the superpowered prisons. He still occasionally will go out and stop a crime or two, but he mainly stays in his lab, working on the next gadget.